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About kace

Kace Capital Advisors is an independent firm bringing better, bolder financial stewardship to the modern investors reshaping the markets. 

Our practice is built on the belief that when great people connect with great opportunities, anything is possible. We're here to do the best work of our lives with inspired clients, passionate about their worlds and their futures.

Our mission is to become a trusted partner to our clients by providing responsible guidance that enables them to flourish and grow on their journeys. Our role as our clients' relationship team allows us to build our practice around our clients' holistic needs, not just their assets.

In this age of incredible innovation, the pace of transformation is changing. But the path of transformation is not. The path to reinvention starts with rediscovering our roots. Our principles are the bridge that connects our history with the future we want to create. "The future has an ancient heart." Join us in our pursuit of progress. Geronimo.


Kenny polcari

Managing Partner

Kenny is the Founder and Managing Partner of Kace Capital Advisors, Chief Market Strategist at Slatestone Wealth Management and a media personality appearing on Fox Business Network, CNBC and CNN. As a former 38 yr member of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)  he brings over forty years of executive management experience in institutional equities and wealth management, and twenty-five years of stewardship in industry advocacy. 

A charismatic voice on the markets, he first started working with the news media after 9/11, at the request of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and became a regular contributor during the financial crisis, developing a reputation for being an advocate for the investing public, and a champion for Main Street on Wall Street.

Kenny began his career on the floor of the NYSE back in the antediluvian 1980s, when the march of electronic trading was already taking its first steps, and the great bull market was first learning to run. Amidst the confluence, he had the opportunity to come up in the golden age of the old guard, progressive -- outward-looking, forward-facing.


A corporate entrepreneur, he has history of building high-tech, high-touch financial outfits within the global enterprise. He brings over thirty years of executive management experience in institutional equities and wealth management, and twenty-five years of stewardship in industry advocacy, driving integrity, innovation, and resilience in the capital markets. 

Most recently, Kenny helped build a wealth management practice dedicated to serving women with wealth unleashing their financial power, in partnership with a boutique asset management group, and helped develop $500 million in AUM to establish the venture’s effective launch.

Prior to that, Kenny led incumbent institution, O'Neil Securities, through a legacy modernization. A leader in investor education, the firm was founded by investing legend William O'Neil. Kenny capitalized on a hybrid market model and drove the firm through a human-led digital transformation.

Earlier in his career, he built the U.S. equities business at the largest electronic inter-dealer broker, ICAP, from the ground up, and was among the first traders to go direct to institutional money managers, executing on the opportunities market evolution created, and bringing greater transparency and accessibility to the customer.

The most formative milestone of his career was the September 11 tragedy. After losing their New York offices in 2 World Trade on 9/11, Kenny was a part of the leadership team that shaped the company's disaster response. In his role in particular, he learned the importance of communication in a crisis cannot be overestimated. There is no over-communicating in a crisis. Communicating constantly is essential to helping your people feel safe and connected.

Before ICAP, Kenny ran the Cash Equities division at Salomon Brothers, during the nineties bull, and People's Market, and was a part of the innovation team that launched the first electronic order delivery system in the industry.

At the NYSE, he served as Governor for over a decade, helping the iconic institution navigate a critical period of historic phase shift, and advance ahead into the next phase of its evolution. In a classic story of innovation meeting tradition, the introduction of new ways of thinking into a tradition-bound organization is always going to be met with resistance. But the world was changing. We could know things we could never know before, do things we could never do before. And the democratic ideal of the markets have gone hand-in-hand with the rise of technology. As the markets became more electronic, they also became more democratic. The world was getting wider. We could move in directions the NYSE couldn't move alone. 

Rooted in a commitment to the principles of a free and open people's market, he served on the Technology Committee for the pilot and rollout of the first wireless handheld terminals for brokers, which marked a definitive step forward for the Exchange, helping usher in a new era of automation. And through the Reg-NMS paradigm shift, he chaired the Allocations Committee, and served as a member of the Market Performance, Rules & Regulations, and Market Quality Committees.

Kenny serves on the Board of Directors of the National Organization of Investment Professionals (NOIP), and the Headstrong Project, a nonprofit providing free, world-class treatment to veterans coping with the psychological wounds of war. He has a BSBA in Finance from the Boston University School of Management.


Kenny met his wife on the trading floor in 1985, when she was the first Latino to become a member of the NYSE; they have two daughters.


You can follow him on Twitter @kennypolcari or connect on LinkedIn.

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