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What We do

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Wealth & Holistic Advisory

We serve private clients seeking a holistic view of wealth, and specialize in serving the modern investors shapeshifting the culture of wealth and legacy, and those traditional firms have historically overlooked and underestimated. 


We are built on the belief that when great people connect with great opportunities, anything is possible. Our role as our clients' relationship team allows us to build our practice around our clients' holistic needs, not just their assets.



Modern Families 

Our Private Clients

Emerging Wealth

Alternative Investors

Retired Investors


Business Owners

Family Businesses

Impact Investors

Family Offices

Nonprofits & Endowments

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Creating solutions for your life

Kace Capital Advisors works with you to provide a broad spectrum of services and resources.  We offer a variety of investment techniques and planning strategies.  Our individual and business clients all benefit from the depth of our knowledge and experience across a range of focus areas.

Wealth Accumulation

Estate Planning

Wealth Transfer Strategies

kace pillars

Retirement Planning

Distribution Strategies

Investment Management 

Business Succession Planning

Buy/Sell Succession Planning

Exit Strategy Planning

Profit Sharing/401K planning

Eldercare Planning

529 Educational funding strategies

Insurance Planning/Disability, Life and Long Term Care

capital markets advisory

We partner with companies at moments in time when there's an inflection point, and we can help you change the trajectory of your business. Growth is underpinned by a commitment to understanding the transformation underway in the physics of financial services. As technology rewrites the rules of engagement in the industry, Kace has focused on helping fintechs, incumbent firms, and exchanges rise to the challenges of evolution, collaboration, and symbiosis to thrive in the new normal. 


Incumbent Institutions

Exchanges & ATSs

Asset Managers

Wealth Managers & RIAs

Kace pillars

Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation

Market Structure Advisory

Hybrid Human-Machine Financial Services

Alternative Data

Advanced Analytics

Cloud Migration

Next-Gen Global Finance

Intellectual Property

PE and M&A Advisory

IPO 2.0

Strategic Review & Valuation Analysis

Compliance & Regulation

Evolution of Equities

Financial education and engagement

We bring together investors to learn, share, and be inspired, and we connect influential families who are committed to amplifying their impact. Kace families collectively drive social change, create and lead businesses, and collaborate on ventures with each other. 


At Kace, we're driven by twin convictions: that the strength of the market depends on the people's participation in it, and that it is essntial for people to participate in their future. Participation drives the transformation of resources and power, and of those involved.

Evolution of the Modern Markets

Coping With Complexity

Future of Exchanges

IPO 2.0

Kace Pillars

Fintech Partnerships

Legacy & Ecosystem Transformation in Finance

Hybrid Human-Machine Financial Services

Role of Alternative Assets in Modern Portfolios

Role of Private Markets in Modern Portfolios

Investing in IP

Family Stewardship

Investing in Disruptive Innovation

Defining Your Narrative

Gender-Lens Investing

Building Bridges Across Generations

Wealth & Holistic Advisory
Creating solutions for your life
Capial Markets Advisory
Financial Eduaton & Engagement
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