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Welcome to kace capital advisors

In an era of disruption and discovery, where old models and old thinking fade away, we are your partner.

ABOUT kace

Kace Capital Advisors is an independent firm bringing vibrant financial stewardship to the modern investors reshaping wealth and legacy.

Our practice is built on the belief that when great people connect with great opportunities, anything is possible. We're here to do the best work of our lives with inspired clients, passionate about their worlds and their futures.


In this age of incredible innovation, the pace of transformation is changing. But the path of transformation is not. The path to reinvention starts with rediscovering our roots. "The future has an ancient heart." Join us in our pursuit of progress. Geronimo.

what we do

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We serve private clients seeking a holistic view of wealth, and specialize in serving the unique needs of modern families, women, millennials, and alternative investors.

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Private markets, alternatives, and impact assets play core roles in modern portfolios. But investors still face hurdles in putting them to work effectively. Kace brings clients dependable access to private market opportunities, fund management, and exclusive ventures.

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As technology rewrites the rules of engagement in the industry, Kace is focused on helping fintechs, incumbent firms, and exchanges rise to the challenges of evolution, collaboration, and symbiosis to thrive in the new abnormal. 

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We bring together investors to learn, share, and be inspired, and we connect influential families who are committed to amplifying their impact. Kace families collectively drive social impact, create and lead businesses, and collaborate on ventures together.

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